What NOT to Flush Down Your Toilet

February 24, 2016

Here at Bishops Thiem Septic, many of our customers ask us what they can do themselves to take better care of their septic system.
On our blog, we’ve discussed tons of ways that you can ensure your septic systems stays healthy including saving water and performing regular tank maintenance. However, the  number one way you can take care of your septic tank is by THINKING BEFORE YOU FLUSH.

Think Before You Flush

It’s very tempting to dispose of something in the toilet. With a wide mouth and relatively powerful drainage, it’s not uncommon for us to use the commode like a personal trash disposal as just one flush makes it seem like the garbage is gone forever. However, there are so many seemingly harmless products that can do serious damage to your septic tank if they end up in your drain.

What we flush affects your plumbing, and the environment. To take better care of both, here are 5  things that you should NEVER flush down your toilet. 

1. Wet Wipes
Now a popular feature in modern bathrooms, these wipes may be great for your behind, but not for your sewage system. Despite what the packaging tells you, wet wipes are NOT suitable for flushing. These wipes fail to decompose, clogging up your drain and septic tank. In fact, A city in Minnesota is suing six makers of “flushable wipes,” since the wipes cause so many problems in sewer systems.

2. Fat and Grease 
This is the NUMBER ONE thing you should never flush down your toilet. Fats and grease seem like liquids when they’re fresh out of the pan- but as soon as this grease hits the drain, it cools and congeals, becoming pipe-clogging wax. Save your plumbing and the environment and scrape it into the trash, or, if it’s clean bacon fat, save it in a jar for reuse.

3. Condoms 

They probably seem small and very similar to wet wipes, but condoms fill with air and float on the surface of the sewer – causing blockages and pollution. These latex prophylactics  are a nightmare to your septic tank and sewage treatment plants, so throw them in the trash not the toilet bowl.

4. Cat Litter 

Cat litter is made from clay and sand, two things that you should NEVER be put down a toilet. Not to mention that cat waste contains toxins and parasites that shouldn’t be in our water system.

5. Prescription Medication
You may think you’re doing the safe thing by flushing your leftover pills, but these drugs destroy bacteria, contaminate groundwater supplies, and can have terrible effects on wildlife downstream. Dispose of your unwanted or outdated prescription medication at a sheriff’s office. The list of county drug drop boxes is available here.  

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