Weirdest Things Found in Sewers

April 6, 2017

Out of sight, out of mind. Right? Not so fast. Just because you flush something down the toilet doesn’t mean it magically disappears, it just means it becomes someone else’s problem. Our sewers may seem like a deep, dark abyss, but they are maintained and checked up on from time to time. And the incredible things that sewer maintenance workers have found down there will blow your mind.

Hope you enjoy our list the world’s weirdest things found in sewers:


weird things found in sewers

Snakes. If you’re like everyone else, you have that fear that a snake will climb out of the toilet. We hate to do this to you, but that fear is kind of valid. While fish die in the sewer system, snakes can navigate it and stay alive because they breath air. A Reddit forum claims that one sewage worker found a python, rescued it from the filthy waters and kept it as a pet.

A puppy! How this happened, your guess is as good as ours. In Victoria, a puppy was rescued from a drain. Don’t worry, the fluffy fellow survived. He just had a truly stinky experience.

An alligator. That’s right. But not just any old alligator, a humongous 600 lb., 20-foot-long monster. This big ‘ol guy got himself wedged in a 3-foot wide drain in Texas. The poor guy couldn’t move when workers found him. He was rescued and returned to a nearby sanctuary.

Sheep. A lone sheep found himself wondering around the underground system, for who knows how long. He too, was rescued and returned to his green field.

weird things found in sewers

A cow. After hearing moo-ing coming from underground, people in China were shocked to find a whole cow, alive and well, in the sewer system. Apparently, he had been missing for four days. Yikes. That’s a long time to spend down there. Hopefully this guy won’t take a wrong turn like that again. He was returned to a local farm.

A squirrel. A squirrel found its way up through the septic system and into the pipes of a house. He then climbed into the bathroom and was found there by the owner of the house. He lived through it all. Much better than a snake, right?!

Valuables and Antiques

weirdest things found in sewers

Gold. In Japan, water plant workers scored bigtime when they discovered $56,000 worth of gold. We shouldn’t say “scored” because they may not have been able to keep it, but it was probably quite an exciting find nonetheless.

weirdest things found in sewers

Watches. An Omega, Two Rolexes and a Franck Muller, worth a total of $93,000, was pulled out of a drain near a railway station by a cleaner in Essex, England. The honest cleaner turned in the watches. Last that was heard he was waiting the 30-day wait period until he could properly claim them.

Weird and Random

weirdest things found in sewers

Dentures. These are slippery little suckers, or so it would seem by the number of dentures flushed down toilets and washed down the bath. Hundreds of false teeth and dentures turn up in the sewers every year. One water company found so many one year that they set up an internet campaign to reunite the people who lost their teeth with their teeth for Christmas. Now that’s goodwill to men!

Half a Mini. Yes, half a Mini car was found in London sewers. It was discovered in 2014 when the city was in the process of unblocking city drains. The car was found in terrible condition, making everyone wonder how long it had actually been down there.

weirdest things found in sewers

A jaw bone. This weird jaw bone was found in the sewers of Edmonton. Oddly, it has never been discovered what kind of animal it belongs to. It’s a mystery! Let your mind go wild on this one.

weirdest things found in sewers

Ammo. But not just any ammo, WWII bullets and old hand grenades. Many of which were found in London sewers.

weirdest things found in sewers

Human Beings

weirdest things found in sewers

A baby. We are sorry to end this blog on such a somber note, but our list wouldn’t be complete unless we mentioned the baby that was found abandoned in the sewer system. It is a mystery who left the precious baby there and why, but the baby survived and was rescued and placed into loving hands.



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