Plumbers in Hollywood Movies

February 3, 2017

At Bishop-Thiem Septic Services we’ve referenced numerous movies in some of our light-hearted joking, and we came to realize that plumbing has been in the comedy screenwriter’s playbook for a long time. Hollywood has had their pulse on what tempts laughter longer than many of us have been alive. In honor of those actors who played plumbers in Hollywood movies to make our day a little brighter, our families a little closer, and our hearts a little fuller, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite plumbers in a Hollywood movie:

Buster Keaton in “The Passionate Plumber” (1932)

When it comes to film clowns, you don’t get much better than Buster Keaton! If you’ve never seen a Buster Keaton film you’re missing out; we encourage you to check that off your list ASAP. In “The Passionate Plumber” Keaton plays a Paris plumber, Elmer Tuttle, who is hired by a rich socialite to fix a minor shower issue, and then is persuaded to pose as her boyfriend to help her make her lover Tony Lagorce jealous. And guess what happens? Yes, he falls in love with her. But we aren’t going to tell you the ending, for that you’ll have to watch it yourself… of Google it, but we think you should watch it!blog 1

Curly in “A Plumbing We Will Go” (1940)

Who doesn’t remember the “Three Stooges?” Did we just age ourselves? If you haven’t seen this short film, it’s a must see; a classic. All three of the stooges make an appearance in this film. As you can imagine bad communication leads to hilarity. While we love everything about this film, Curly stole the show as a plumber who proves to be way out of his depth and tries, and fails miserably, to fix a leaky pipe.

blog 2

Victor Moore in “The Seven Year Itch” (1955)

Yes, that is the beautiful Marilyn Monroe! While she is enough to get many pop on this classic film, the real draw, in our eyes, is Victor Moore. Moore’s character is expressive, and goofy, and lovable plumber. The scene is full of awkward, funny moments, as Moore’s character clumsily tries to fix a bathtub nozzle while conversing with Monroe’s dashing, semi-nude character.

b 3

Popeye in “Plumbers Pipe Dream” (1960)

Oh, Popeye! This might be our favorite on the list. Popeye is one of those icons that bring back the warm nostalgia like no other. He reminds us of our young innocent selves buckling over at his antics. In this cartoon, Popeye struggles to fix Olive Oils leaky faucet and things quickly get out of control. It’s a classic DIY gone array!


Bob Hoskins in “Super Mario Brothers” (1993)

If you played Super Mario Brothers as a kid, or even as an adult, you undoubtedly saw this early 90s flick. If not, then go watch it now. Bob Hoskins was born to play this role. It’s guaranteed to give you side stitches this one, especially because he is teamed up with another amazing comedian, John Leguizamo, who plays his brother Luigi. This movie has a special place in our heart, most like everything made in the 90s – and that’s nor sarcasm either!



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