Common Septic Tank Problems

October 7, 2015

A failed septic system is an emergency that no home owner is ever truly prepared for. If it’s not caught in time, the repairs to your damaged septic system can be considerably costly. If you are experiencing the following inconvenient, smelly symptoms – it’s time to call a professional.

1. Septic tank pump alarms (mound septic system) or above ground septic wet spots
2. Septic tank smells inside building
3. Septic system odors coming from septic vent pipe
4. Gurgling sounds when flushing your toilets
5. Slow running drains
6. Actual septic sewage backups from toilets or other plumbing inside the building
7. Septic tank gas smell above your septic tank cover, septic tank lid or septic risers

These are all signs of an imminent septic tank problem that can result in expensive repairs or worse yet, complete septic tank replacement down the line. Diagnosing septic tank problems is difficult, but here is a list of common problems associated with a backed up septic tank or a backed up septic drain field.

Common Septic Tank Problems:

1.)  Sludge build up from lack of a regular pumping schedule

2.)  Broken drain lines or broken septic tank baffles

3.)  Tree roots getting into cracks in the tank or around septic tank cover

4.)  Septic Filter clogging from lack of cleaning or maintenance.

5.)  Inadequate septic tank bacteria & septic enzyme populations

Septic Tank Problems Diagnosis

Need a septic tank problem diagnosis? The Bishop Thiem staff are exceptionally experienced and qualified and committed to excellent customer service. In our many years in the field, we’ve installed, designed and repaired hundreds of septic systems and know exactly what it takes to fix a damaged one. Even if you aren’t experiencing any of these symptoms yet, we also have a variety of standard and extended septic tank maintenance services that will keep your system running well for many years to come. Give us a call or send us an email to let us know how we can be of service.


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