Septic System Failure

Symptoms of a Failing Septic System

September 13, 2017

It’s never fun to consider that your septic tank might someday fail. There are plenty of things that you can do to help prevent this situation from occurring, such as routine maintaining and regular...

Do You Need Your Septic System Replaced?

August 2, 2017

When you have sewage back-up into your home or flooding/odor appears outside of it, you know that there is probably a problem with your septic system. Having your system pumped might cost a few hundre...

The Pros and Cons of a Septic Tank Riser

June 27, 2017

If you have a septic tank on the property, you know how inefficient it can be to have a servicer visit and be required to dig up your lawn to locate your septic tank for maintenance, repair, or pumpin...

Historical Achievements That Shaped Modern Plumbing

May 1, 2017

At Bishop-Thiem Septic Services, we believe it’s important to understand the history behind our business, not only because it’s something that we find central to everyone’s daily life, but also ...

Weirdest Things Found in Sewers

April 6, 2017

Out of sight, out of mind. Right? Not so fast. Just because you flush something down the toilet doesn’t mean it magically disappears, it just means it becomes someone else’s problem. Our sewers ma...

Failing Septic Systems and Your Health

March 6, 2017

How Failing Septic Systems Can Be Hazardous to Your Health One third of the population in the US uses septic systems. This amounts to 1 trillion gallons of waste per year being disposed of below the g...

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