Bishop-Thiem goes beyond septic tanks.



    Bishop-Thiem goes beyond septic tanks.



    Bishop-Thiem goes beyond septic tanks.


Providing Septic Services to Families and Communities

in the Atlanta Area Since 1962


Hi, I’m Leda! Welcome to Bishop-Thiem.

Specializing in septic systems, septic service and related work since 1962, Bishop-Thiem Septic Service is continually striving to provide the most comprehensive selection of septic services in the greater Atlanta area. Read more…



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We offer a range of services for your septic needs.

  • Plumbing
  • Septic Tank Pumping, Cleaning & Repair
  • Pump Replacement
  • Lift Station Repair
  • Drain Field Replacement
  • Grease Trap Pumpout


  • New Septic System Design & Installation
  • Drainfield Installation & Repair
  • Sewage Pump Installation & Repair
  • Grease Trap Installations
  • Drain Line Installation & Repair
  • Odor Detection
  • Backhoe Services
  • Full-Service Commercial and Residential Plumbing

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  • Your service was great! Appreciated the notice when the fellas were on their way, and the picture ID of Marlon. Both men were very polite and professional. They located the tank, pumped it out and were finished in 40mins. They replaced the sod, tamped it down and watered it. I’d highly recommend both of these... View Article

  • Please let the GM know that Martin and Terry were true professionals as they worked on my septic issues.

    Mel Turner

  • Your service was exceptional!

    Jonathan Simon

  • As Always thank you for great service and you have a great bunch of guys too!

    Angela Selemi

  • Great job, fast and efficient, clean up was great. Zach should be commended, he did a great job.

    Dennis Shaw

  • As always, you are available and do the job perfectly!  I appreciate you very much!

    Susan Fitzgerald

  • Russell was a great help with attempting to understand our system.

    All Saints Anglican

  • “Good job!”

    Bill Byrd

  • The gentlemen that came to my home a few moments ago were so very nice, professional, and were very conscious about cleaning the dirt out of the grass and back onto the area opened to access the septic tank. I was also impressed with the driver of the back hoe…he manipulated like a Boss! He... View Article


Is your toilet gurgling or overflowing?

Are you experiencing slow draining or a low water level? Are you experiencing any septic tank problems?

If so, call Bishop-Thiem Septic Service where a good flush beats a full house.

We are a proudly family owned and operated business and are committed to amazing customer service. We also offer a range of extended septic services, including septic tank pumping. Click through our website to learn a little more about us and our full range of septic services.

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